MSD338STV5.0 is a smart network TV driver board

Can support full HD LCD screen. Support RJ45 network signal, USB2.0, HDMI1.4 and analog TV, the new national standard digital TV, VGA signal and AV video signal input and headphone output, but also supports WIFI access.

    Based on Android4.4 operating system, equipped with the main frequency of 1.5GHz 4-core A7CPU and multi-core Mali-400MP2GPU, memory 512M, built-in 4G storage space.

    Built-in application store, in the case of third-party permission to download massive TV applications. MSD338STV5.0 built-in full-featured browser, support HTML5 web format, can browse the web and web video on demand, experience smooth playback of high-definition video. With wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, you can easily swim the network.

    Suitable for 17-65 inch module screen; support single 12V and 12V5V5VSTB two power supply.


1) This board is suitable for professional maintenance LCD display, drive different types of LCD screen need to burn different drivers.

2) no burning tools or novice please be sure to contact before the purchase to explain the situation, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3) This offer is the wholesale price, the amount of less or need special technical support price.

 Product Description: Pictures for reference only, according to product model shipments to prevail in kind

To more price concessions

1. The shop LCD DIY matching shop, LCD display shell, the drive board, high pressure, power adapter, drive screen line, signal lines and other LCD accessories complete.

2. The above shipping prices for reference only, due to different regional distance, some freight prices may be different, please consult with the owner;

3. As the buyers are more, after the purchase, please stay in the message is locked or side lock, PC or TV.

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